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Electronic invoicing is gaining traction around the world. While the productivity breakthroughs meet the demands of a digital economy, the drivers are often government mandates to move off paper and go electronic.


That’s the case in Latin America, and Ariba has responded with e-invoicing capabilities that satisfy the stringent tax compliance regulations in this region. With the latest Ariba Network release, e-invoicing support extends to Colombia and Chile, while also bolstering existing e-invoicing capabilities in Mexico and Brazil. With these enhancements, Ariba supports VAT compliance requirements that cover more than 90 percent of the world’s GDP.


Here is latest tax invoicing support available through the Ariba Network:


Chile and Colombia - Organizations in these countries can automate the invoice submission process and guarantee that their invoices are current and valid.


Services Invoicing for Sao Paolo, Brazil – The complex requirements for creating tax invoices for services in Brazil vary by locality. Today, Ariba delivers an end-to-end services invoicing solution that includes support for signing, submission and receipt of invoices from Sao Paolo, and delivery of these invoices to the buyer.


These new capabilities extend Ariba's existing e-invoicing support for Brazil and Mexico. Last year, enhancements to the Ariba Network enabled electronic invoicing for these countries, along with an e-invoice archive and audit trail for additional business controls.


Here are a few benefits from Ariba e-invoicing in this region:


•          Suppliers can create invoices through simple steps with no need to translate to Ariba’s format

•          Configurable business rules on the Ariba Network help ensure compliance and eliminate exceptions during invoice creation

•          Seamless buyer integration in a standard cXML format

•          All inbound invoices are validated and securely stored before they are passed to the Ariba Network and to customers’ systems

•          Sellers are guided through an on-boarding process with practical training and comprehensive documentation


By extending e-invoicing support to these countries, the Ariba Network helps global organizations expand their e-invoice initiatives to these fast-growing Latin American markets.

E--invoicing initiatives typically focus on how you can eliminate paper and reduce processing costs. But what happens when you extend e-invoicing capabilities to drive compliance to preferred suppliers and negotiated prices?



Here are a few benefits that you can expect: 



- Elimination of overpayments

- Driving compliance to approved vendors and products

- Improving accuracy of cash flow and accruals forecasts

- Reducing the time spent tracking invoice inquiries



Sound too good to be true? Don't take my word for it. Come hear how security company ADT is applying its Six Sigma expertise to transform its Procure-to-Pay operations at Ariba LIVE, May 17-19, in Las Vegas. In the session, AP as Chief Compliance Officer: How E-Invoicing Can Improve Compliance and Close the Loop on Procure-to-Pay Savings, you will hear how ADT is using e-invoicing as a foundation to improve invoice-contract match rates and gain more control over spend.



This presentation is part of a complete agenda of breakout sessions, keynote addresses, and network opportunities where you can learn how to buy, sell, and manage cash, set in the grandeur of The Cosmopolitan Hotel.



So join us and learn how you can transform your AP operations and drive better alignment between procurement and AP.



How effective are you at automating your invoice management process?


For GAF, the largest roofing manufacturer in North America, a first attempt at invoice automation drove touchless processing to just 8 percent of all invoices, and pushed problem invoices to procurement for resolution.


Today, with Ariba, GAF has enabled an integrated PO and invoice automation solution that enables high rates of touchless invoice processing, freeing procurement to focus on more strategic activities. GAF is also driving more  purchases off catalogs to enforce compliance, maximizing spend with key suppliers to lower costs and, in the next wave, extending the initiative to direct materials spend.

It's a great story that will be told at Ariba LIVE, set for March 17 to 19 in Las Vegas. In this breakout session, you will hear from GAF procure-to-pay experts discuss the business impact from PO and invoice automation, and get ideas on how you can achieve similar results.

This presentation is part of a comprehensive agenda that features keynote presentations, nearly 70 breakout sessions, pre-conference training, and opportunities to network with your peers to gain valuable insight in how you can improve invoice management and transform your procure-to-pay eoperations.


So join us at the Cosmopolitan Hotel and learn how you can improve the way you buy, sell, and manage cash in a networked economy--enabling the business of tomorrow... today.

Many organizations are leveraging the Ariba Network for PO invoicing to improve efficiency and enforce compliance. PO-Flip®, an innovation from Ariba that earned the company a registered trademark, is a proven solution embraced by many buyers and suppliers on the Ariba Network to achieve those objectives.


Now, more organizations are looking for ways to get the same level of process efficiency and compliance with non-PO invoices, and contract invoicing is serving that need. With Ariba contract invoicing, you can enforce compliance to a contract by enabling invoicing from contracts and automatically matching invoices to contracts. Ariba contract invoicing also provides automated account coding.


In recognition of the business impact of this e-invoice innovation, Ariba last week received the "Technology Excellence Award" from PayStream Advisors, a leading independent research and advisory firm that examines trends and strategies on the automation of back-office financial operations such as accounts payable, accounts receivable and and treasury. Henry Ijams, PayStream Advisors founder and managing director, cited the ability of Ariba contract invoicing to prevent contract leakage as a valuable feature that can deliver substantial cost savings.


To hear how Ariba customers are getting results today with contract invoicing, you can access the recording of the contract invoicing session at Ariba LIVE 2013.

Working Capital Management and Why Your CFO Cares!


Traditional working capital management strategies can strain trading partner relationships. As buyers focus on maintaining or extending Days Payable Outstanding (DPO) and increasing cash returns, suppliers often face extended Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) and cash flow pressure. Ariba Working Capital Management solutions provide new and collaborative approaches that serve the needs of both buyers and suppliers. While providing you with the controls you need to optimize cash use and to realize high-yield, risk-free returns on your payables, Ariba Working Capital Management also provides your suppliers with the visibility and control over their receivables to better manage their cash flow. These features help suppliers get early payment at much lower rates than traditional market resources without incurring debt—and provide greater leverage for you to extend payment terms or negotiate reduced prices.


Do any of these topics creep into conversations where your CFO or finance teams are involved?


  • Driving Systems Improvements
  • Desire to outsource non-competitive operations
  • Extension of Days Payable Outstanding or Reduction of Days Sales Outstanding
  • Fraud
  • Audit and Compliance
  • Corporate Reporting
  • Controls
  • Controlling Employee Expenses


One of the biggest challenges in cash flow management is unpredictability. The other is time. When will a large customer settle what they owe? When will Sales bring in a large new account — and how quickly can this account be up and generating revenue? Working capital management can create tension between buyers and suppliers. While you prefer to hold on to your cash, your suppliers would like to get paid sooner to improve their cash flow. You can resolve the tension by routinely taking advantage of suppliers' early-payment discounts. But those opportunities are often lost in a sea of paper invoices, or bypassed when prevailing cash management strategies call for delaying payment to earn interest on cash balances. Meanwhile, the conflicting priorities can put cash-flow pressure on your suppliers.  Your business growth relies on the free-flow of cash. Yet too much working capital can get clogged up in receivables and payables up and down your supply chain. That can create risks you don't want, for you and your trading partners. Of course, there are ways to collaborate with your cash-strapped partners to set it free, like dynamic discounting or receivables financing. But too many companies rely on sluggish, paper based finance management processes, making it impossible to get the visibility and communications you'd both need to make fast, informed decisions and achieve consistent results.


For more information on Working Capital Management tools visit our website:



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