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Welcome to the Education Community

Classrooms can create collaboration or “communities” by nature of subject, interactions, and questions within the training events. Ariba Education Services wanted to continue those conversations, and harness the power of Ariba Exchange, as we believe that learning continues long after class….

The Goal of the Community is to:

  1. Provide a forum for the exchange of information and interaction informally
  2. Allow students to interact with other peers (within their company, industry etc) and fellow students
  3. Conduit for Education services to communicate and receive feedback

We look forward to your comments, posts and dialogue.

Student Testimonials

Large Fashion Company

"The Ariba training we received helped us to understand and maximize the potential of the various Ariba modules we have licensed. We found the training staff to be extremely knowledgeable, engaging and very helpful in guiding our thinking towards solutions we had not previously considered. I would recommend Ariba training as a pre-requisite for any firm that is considering, or which has already licensed CD installed, or Enterprise on-demand components of the Ariba suite."


Large Insurance Company

"The Ariba training we received provided our users with a strong foundation as we move into the e-Procurement environment.   The trainer was quickly able to identify specific operational and cultural concerns raised by users, and made sure to address them in each session.   The session was interactive, fast-paced, and well received.  Using an Ariba trainer got our P2P implementation off to a great start!!"


Large Retail Company

"Throughout the design and implementation of our training program, the Ariba Education team has consistently proven themselves to be dedicated, flexible, and competent, with a friendly professionalism that delivers results. They continue to be a valued resource for us."

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The Strategic Sourcing & Procurement group on LinkedIn is having our monthly member call tomorrow. This month's topic is staying on top of the skills, certifications and strategic thinking required in our changing field. Details, including time and dial-in numbers, are here.


As moderator, I'm lucky to be joined by 2 experts in the field; Charles Dominick of Next Level Purchasing and Paul Mallory of IACCM. Both Charles and Paul have some great insights  and advice for how to stay on top of an evolving field. And of  course...we'll allow plenty of time for members to weigh in with their  questions, answers and stories from the trenches.


Hope you can join us!

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