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SupplyLines is the go-to publication for eCommerce decision-makers and practitioners who want to increase revenue, drive process efficiencies, cut costs, and manage cash more effectively.

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Heather Wheeland, Maria Suarez, Angelica Pinedo


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Jun 8, 2012

Supply Lines Vol. 38



Getting What You Pay For: The Advantage of Ariba® Network

Think free networks are a better bargain than Ariba® Network? Think again. As analysts and suppliers attest, the value Ariba Network delivers makes it far more cost-effective than any other solution. Find out why. Read the article.


How to Sell E-Commerce to Your Leadership

Getting the C-suite to embrace e-commerce can feel like pulling teeth: You might have all the right tools, but they still won’t budge. Toly Shilman of Kimberly-Clark and Martin Rhode of Hewlett Packard Enterprise share surefire strategies to help you succeed. Read the article.

A New Way to Save when Buying Goods and Services

As a supplier, you focus on optimizing sales. But you can also boost business health through a smart buying strategy that drives savings to your bottom line. This free service gives you a great way to get there. Read the article.


Seller Showcase Offers Unique Way to Promote Business Value

In today’s hyperkinetic economy, capturing customer attention can be tough. But at the first-ever Seller Showcase, the audience was all eyes—giving supplier participants a fun and effective forum to promote their business. Read the article.




Fun Fact


Have you ever wondered where your organization fits in the mix of suppliers using the Ariba Discovery™ service? Larger categories could indicate more posting activities, while smaller categories could mean less competition.


Here’s a simple breakdown of leading supplier categories on Ariba Discovery:

SL Vol 38 Discovery Graphic.png


No matter where your company lines up, have you checked what leads are waiting for you? Simply use your SAP Ariba ID and password to log in.





Upcoming Events


SAP Ariba Live Singapore, August 29-31

Connect with customers and prospects at Asia’s premier e-commerce event





Quick Tip: Build Visibility for Your Business with Updated Profile Badge


Want a boost for your business? Download the newly updated “Find us on Ariba Network” profile badge and start using it today!

SL Vol 38 Find us.png

A profile badge is a great way to promote your network presence and provide one-click access to your Ariba Network profile. You can use it on your website, social sites like Facebook and LinkedIn, email signatures, and marketing materials to drive traffic to your profile page—significantly increasing visibility and opportunities for your organization.

To download your badge, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your account and click Company Profile under Company Settings.
  2. Under Share Your Public Profile on the right side of any page, select Click here to get your Ariba badge.
  3. Copy/paste the HTML code for the badge you want onto your website, email, or other media.


Video 1.png

Ready to take your SMB to a larger marketplace? SAP Ariba helps you go global.


Video 2.png

For Complete Office Supply, the value of Ariba Network makes fees a non-issue. Daniel O’Halloran explains why.


Video 3.png

Need assistance? Find context-relevant answers and instructional resources right at your fingertips.


Video 4.png

Have you downloaded the Ariba® Supplier mobile app? See what you can do when you’re on the go.





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