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Supply Lines is the go-to publication for eCommerce decision-makers and practitioners who want to increase revenue, drive process efficiencies, cut costs, and manage cash more effectively.

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Maria Suarez, Geo Catano, Angelica Pinedo


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Jun 8, 2012

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Supply Lines Vol. 37





Got Cash? With Ariba Supply Chain Finance, the Answer Is Yes


As customers’ payment terms get longer, managing cash for your business gets tougher. Ariba SCF gives you an affordable way to get cash fast—without adding debt to your balance sheet. Read the article.



More Bang for Your Buck: Maximizing Value from Business Networks


Today’s B2B networks vary widely in value and price, making it essential to pick those that deliver the best payoff. These research-based tips can help you decide when and how to invest. Read the article.



Get Ready for AribaPay: Simple, Secure, On-Time Payment


Tired of choosing between rapid payment and easy reconciliation? Say hello to AribaPay. With fast funds transfer, track-and-trace visibility, and detailed remittance information, this automated B2B payment tool makes your payment struggles a thing of the past. Read the article.


What’s New at SAP Ariba?


At SAP Ariba, we keep innovating to keep you competitive. Check out our new Ariba Supplier mobile app, new user interface, and new name...and discover what they mean for your business. Read the article.



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Hear how innovations in the end-to-end payables process can meet your financing needs.

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Listen to our latest episode, “Ready or Not: Millennials and Technology Are Revolutionizing Business”

Learn how one supplier turned a loss into a business opportunity—and how you can, too

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