Many people likely scoff at having the last time slot of a conference. Not me. Well ... at least not this time around. I'm part of a panel discussion - Using Communities to Learn, Share and Collaborate - on Wednesday May 26th at Ariba LIVE that will dig into how to collaborate effectively with your team and other Ariba customers. Considering that attendees at conferences NEVER have the time to carry all conversations to their final resolution, I think the time is right for this topic.


In the context of LIVE, this collaborative effort means keeping the conversations, connections and collective knowledge flowing well after the physical event is over. Too often we attend events, meet peers facing similar challenges, have deep conversations of how to make processes more efficient, leave the venue pumped up to take on the world, shake things up and get results ... and then slide back into our cubicle and carry on business as usual.


Well not this time around my friends. Join us for the session and we'll put our heads together to share ideas about how to leverage our collective professional brainpower.