I’m a SCUBA diver and I can tell you I don’t want to do a deep wreck penetration dive with a dive master that’s all hype and never done that dive before. The consequences of a mistake can be death.  Actually, in business, the costs of big mistakes can be a company’s profitability, and possibly death to a career.


So how do you know who to trust with all of today’s hype around different eProcurement options?  I’d say, talk to the people doing it successfully!


At Ariba Live in Nashville, Bank of America, Schering-Plough / Merck, and Dole are going to talk about how they’ve succeeded using Ariba eProcurement to achieve, among other things:

  • Successful support of over 320,000 users
  • 250% improvement in managed spend
  • Hard savings of over $240M in 24 months


It’s these kinds of facts that prove eProcurement is more than just hype, and reinforce the key to success is picking the right eProcurement system, just like picking the right dive master.




Ariba Live Session:  “Secrets of World-Class Procure-to-Pay Programs” Tues Apr 12, 4:45 pm