All of the Ariba LIVE 2011 mainstage and breakout session replays from Nashville are up. They're broken into 2 different types - public and customer only - and you can access them in these ways:

  • User Track - These customer-only sessions are available within the Customer Success group here on Ariba Exchange. If you're a customer and haven't yet joined the group, please create an Ariba Exchange account, login and then request to join the group here.
  • Mainstage Presentations and Buy, Sell, Manage Cash, Commerce Collaboration, and Cloud Track - All of these presentations are all on our Ariba SlideShare channel. And if we interviewed one of the session's presenters, the YouTube video is embedded below the presentation. For the mainstage speakers, the YouTube video is before the slides.


We're using the SlideShare platform to give you a rich replay experience, with slides and audio synced up so you can easily find relevant sections. And perhaps even more importantly, we want to make it easier for you to leverage these presentations for discussions with your peers (something that's tough with email size limits and massive ppt files). So please, share them via email, Twitter, Facebook or cut & paste the URL.


Also, check out the Ariba LIVE 2011 playlist on YouTube. Lots of great video, including interviews, keynotes and of course.... Atomic Tom's performance.