The recently proposed European Commission directive COM(2011) 895 would mandate that all European Union (EU) procurement is conducted electronically.  The goals are admirable - to increase efficiency, reduce costs, increase transparency and enable better supplier discovery (including supporting sustainable and local suppliers by increasing their visibility to buying organizations).  As such, it appears to be a favorable step forward, and a way to nudge otherwise incalcitrant organizations into the 21st century.  However, the devil is of course in the details. The timeframe will certainly cause pain for those organizations that are not prepared.  Organizations need to review the details and start building a plan to address any gaps.  Even better, engage in the debates taking place to help shape the final directive.


One way to learn more is to attend Ariba LIVE in Barcelona from May 29-31, where André Hoddevik, PEPPOL Project Director will discuss this topic in a session entitled:


The European Union eProcurement Initiative – Will you be ready within 2 years?


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