Mythbusting.Fotolia_30062763_XS.jpgThe cable show MythBusters takes on urban legends and folklore to prove what is real vs. what is fantasy. During the show’s 10-year history, it’s challenged the notion that corked bats make baseballs fly further (busted) and whether cockroaches could survive a nuclear explosion (plausible).


While cultural myths can be amusing, myths in business can sidetrack companies from embracing real revenue opportunities. Ariba’s own-myth buster, Austin Whitehead, and his panel of business experts will debunk the myths about e-commerce and demonstrate how companies are increasing sales, deepening customer loyalty, and driving efficiencies within their organizations.


You can join the discussion by attending the Ariba LIVE breakout session Debunking the e-Commerce Myths: Addressing Common Misperceptions to Take e-Commerce to the Next Level.


Here’s a preview of what you’ll hear.


Myth #1:              E-commerce disintermediates me from my customer


Nonsense!  And Tammy Wagner of SHI will show you how her team has busted that myth. Using just one of SHI’s customers to illustrate her point, Tammy will share how SHI is seeing its spend double and transaction volume triple with a long-time customer – AGCO. By moving to e-commerce, Tammy and her team are freed up from tedious, time-consuming tasks, now available to collaborate with AGCO on strategic initiatives. This SHI/AGCO collaborative business partnership is paying dividends for both organizations. And it’s made possible because of e-commerce, not in spite of it.


One more myth . . . busted!


Myth #2:              E-commerce should be managed by IT, not Marketing and Sales


OfficeMax doesn’t buy into this and has made the organizational commitment to debunk it.  Joni Anderson, in her newly created position of director of digital commerce business relations, is going to tell you why.  She’ll outline how her team collaborated with IT (that’s right – collaborated!) to deploy a successful e-commerce solution. One of the charter members of the Ariba Network, OfficeMax has been enjoying e-commerce success since 1996. Today, more than 76% of the office supply giant’s transactions are driven through e-commerce. And as a result, you and I, and all of its customers are winning!


Myth #2 . . . debunked!


Myth #3:              E-commerce requires a sizable IT budget

Size does matter. Sometimes. But not when it comes to e-commerce. Ken Redler, CTO at cSubs, will share how his small business reaps huge rewards by using Ariba Punch Out for catalogs. cSubs is now delivering more products and services to its customers, and it’s enjoying huge gains in operational efficiencies.  The cost to his IT budget? Minimal. Integrating with customers already doing business on the Ariba Network requires only a small amount of staff time from the cSubs.


Perhaps just one example, but one that certainly takes care of Myth #3!


Don’t miss out on what promises to be a lively and informative discussion. Add Debunking the e-Commerce Myths: Addressing Common Misperceptions to Take e-Commerce to the Next Level to your Ariba LIVE agenda.



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