Next week Ariba Live takes place in Berlin, the home of Fleurop AG. 

Fleurop AG was founded over 100 years ago by the innovative florist Max Hübner.  In the days before the internet, he decided that it was not flowers that should be sent on long journeys, but rather orders that should be sent to reliable local florists – the Fleurop concept was born.   Today, some 50,000 partner florists in 150 countries around the world make up the global Fleurop network.  Worldwide, Fleurop partners handle over 25 million Fleurop greetings a year. 

With so many low to moderate priced orders, automation and efficiency are key.  And so is making the process of ordering as easy for customers as ordering from Amazon.   Achim Oberhauser, Team Leader, Corporate Services at Fleurop, puts it better than me “Online shopping isn’t just for consumers anymore. Businesses want to be able to buy things in the same fast and easy manner.”

That’s where business networks come in.  By tapping the power of the Ariba Network, Fleurop has created a new consumer-like shopping experience for their corporate customers with a  fully automated process that is consistent with their purchasing policies, while at the same time offering the full flexible and bespoke services of real stores.

Rather than telling the whole story here, I hope that you will come along to the Fleurop breakout session at Ariba Live next week, I look forward to seeing you there!