Rome.jpgDuring its rule, the Roman Empire was a vast collection of lands and cultures that was connected by a system of trade routes. Trade by land and sea was essential to support an empire whose borders stretched from the British Isles to Asia. The Romans used one currency and avoided complicated customs dues to keep trade easy.


Given its history as an ancient innovator of global trade, it only seems fitting that Rome will host Ariba LIVE 2014. In the Networked Economy, businesses large and small are achieving better commerce by connecting and collaborating through business networks. As a result, companies are achieving organizational efficiencies, gaining greater visibility into enterprise spend, capturing both savings and new sales revenue, and speeding the flow of error-free transactions.


Join procurement and finance leaders in Rome to hear how their organizations are achieving more in the Networked Economy. Meet sellers and learn how they are gaining new business, strengthening customer loyalty, and obtaining timely delivery and payment with the Ariba Network.  Join Ariba and SAP Product Management to learn about new innovations being planned and share your feedback on the solutions you use every day.

Register now and take advantage of the early registration rate – only 249 through February 14. As an extra bonus, save an additional 50 with our social media code SMR50.


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