SocialInfluencers.image.jpgA team of experts and thought leaders like no other has been assembled and given a mission. This team is online and active across social media bringing you information on best practices, business trends and in-depth industry insights you need to know.


Whether you’re following Ariba LIVE online or joining us in Las Vegas and Rome, connect with our team and stay tuned to the latest industry news and Ariba LIVE discussions. Chat with them directly via Twitter using #AribaLIVE and the hashtags noted below.


Meet our team:


Finance/e-Invoicing:     Drew Hofler (@dhofler) #einvoicing

With over 20 years of banking and services industry experience, Drew leads marketing for Ariba’s Financial suite of solutions. He delivers insights on e-invoicing, working capital management, dynamic discounting and networked collaboration across the P2P process. Read Drew’s blog postings at The Networked Economy.


Sourcing:     David Landsman (@SourcingDavid) #sourcing

A globally recognized expert in direct materials sourcing, e-sourcing and marketplace models, David leads the Ariba Discovery team. He shares his perspective about the latest news and trends on sourcing and supply chain collaboration.


Business Networks:    James Marland (@JamesMarland) #collaboration

A passionate advocate for networked collaboration, James is Vice President of Network Strategy at Ariba. He offers a deep range of knowledge on business networks, innovation, big data and cloud. James is a frequent blogger at The Networked Economy and SAP Business Trends.


Cloud:    Sven Denecken (@SDenecken) #cloud

As Vice President of Strategy for SAP Cloud Solutions, Sven delivers expert insights on innovation, security, SaaS, PaaS, big data and predictive analytics. Follow Sven’s blog postings at the SAP Community Network.


If you’re tuning in to Ariba LIVE online, be sure to watch our live stream featuring talks from our Main Stage speakers in Las Vegas.  Speakers include Supply Chain expert David Maley, Kohl’s VP of Strategic Souring and Procurement and Mark Loring, Director, Global Head of Source to Pay Operation with Deutsche Bank.