Accounts Payable and Procurement are both critical links in the P2P value chain. But too often those indiidual links are not connected!


Procurement negotiates the right prices from the right suppliers, while Accounts Payable is tasked with paying the right amount at the right time.  But what happens if AP does not know what Procurement negotiated because the invoice process exisits in a silo of it's own with no visibility into contracts, service entry sheets or the like?


What happens is companies lose millions in negotiated savings and opportunity costs each year because of operational inefficiencies and lack of visibility into the entire P2P process.


Are you leaving money on the table due to operational and technical silos?   Come find out at AribaLIVE this year in the session From Silo to Synergy: How E-Invoicing drives value into a larger Procure to Pay Initiative, where you will hear how ING, U.S. and Flint Hills Resources used the Ariba Network to break down silo walls and connect Procurement and Accounts Payable to drive compliance and capture significant savings.


This is one of many educational and networking opportunities at Ariba LIVE that can help you improve your business operations and drive tighter alignment between payables and procurement. So make plans to join us at The Cosmopolitan Hotel and discover how your organization can better compete and thrive in a networked economy.