When: April 8, 1:30 – 2:45pm

Looking to inform your sellers on the benefits of organizing an e-commerce team? Have them check out this breakout session at Ariba LIVE!

E-commerce doesn’t just happen.  It takes a coordinated effort of several different parts of the organization including Sales, Marketing, IT, and Finance to make it run smoothly within an organization. In this session, leading e-commerce sellers will talk about how they developed their e-commerce teams to be able to respond quickly, efficiently, and effectively to multiple and varied buyer e-commerce integration requests.


Meet the Speakers

Greg Smith

Senior Manager of Digital Sales, RICOH AMERICAS CORPORATION

Greg leads a team of eCommerce professionals who drive eCommerce, B2B integrations and building relationships with the Ricoh clientele to ensure quality service in their online/B2Bi experience with Ricoh.

Greg has been with Ricoh Americas Corporation for 5 years in Business Development and Digital Sales. Prior to Ricoh, Greg held Global eCommerce B2B positions at IKON Office Solutions and AT&T. He has over 21 years of experience in ERP Software integration and eCommerce.  Greg holds an MBA from Pepperdine University and lives in Denver, CO.

Jamie Banks

Director of Sales Operations and eProcurement, Staples 

He has been in the e-commerce field supporting sales organizations for 15 years. 

Over 9 years at Staples, Jamie has successfully managed large, diverse teams of associates who support the on-boarding and maintenance of all B2B customers for Staples Advantage – as well as the field EC Consultants.

In addition, Jamie is heavily involved in Staples Soul – a corporate program that encourages students to stay in school.  He also supports several out-reach programs in Colorado, Illinois and Honduras.

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Salim Lakha

Senior E-Commerce Marketing Manager, SunSource

SunSource is a distributor for industrial and mobile fluid power solutions.  More information can be found at Sun-Source.com. Salim has extensive E-Commerce & E-Procurement experience working at companies such as CDW & Lawson Products.  His first punchout integration project was in the year 2000.   In his current role he launched a new E-Commerce website SunSourceConnect.com and is responsible for growing the channel via customer acquisition activities such as SEO/SEM & E-Marketing.  Salim holds a Bachelor’s degree from University of IL in Electrical Engineering & Computer Science.

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