At Ariba, we’re passionate about procurement. So, we couldn't help but wonder how many light bulbs does it take to keep the world’s most famous welcome sign illuminated? Las Vegas is known by many names… The Wedding Capital of the World, The Gambling Capital of the World. But the name that refers to all those neon lights and light bulbs is Glitter Gulch, dating back to the late 1940s. One of the most iconic signs from that early era still welcomes visitors, like those of you headed to Ariba LIVE in April, to “Fabulous Las Vegas Nevada.” You can find it on South Las Vegas Boulevard near McCarran International Airport.



Photo: YESCO


We caught up with the sign’s owners at a 95-year-old company called YESCO to find out how many yellow light bulbs are purchased a year for this landmark on the State Register of Historic Places.

  • The 25-foot tall sign features a border of 94 yellow bulbs that flash and chase. They are changed out monthly, for an annualization of 1,128 bulbs. It takes two hours per trip to swap out the bulbs.

  • The only deviation from this schedule is at the request of Clark County, Nevada, for special occasions like Breast Cancer Awareness, Autism Awareness, St. Patrick’s Day, etc.

  • The Welcome to Las Vegas sign requires 2,340 watts to light it up, which translates into 20 amps, with Clark County paying the electricity bill.

  • YESCO’s sign patrol program checks it for darkened bulbs every two weeks.


Inspired by how many tourists are keen to own a piece of this sign, Vegas native Russell Millar created the non-profit Official Las Vegas Light. When YESCO replaces the yellow bulbs, his organization sells them as commemorative souvenirs with the proceeds donated to local charities. 


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