“A good plan violently executed now is better than a perfect plan executed next week ”  - George s Patton

When it comes to effective supplier management, it’s an opportunity that organizations don’t want to miss and a risk they cannot afford to take. Organizations that do not have effective supplier management practices in place are missing out on not only the cost savings benefits but also opportunities to build positive brand equity, improve collaboration and plug compliance leakages. And in many cases, they find themselves exposed to supplier inefficiencies and failures due to a lack of good supplier management practices.

Jennifer Roberts, Senior Manager – Procurement Center of Excellence at Sonoco summarizes it with this picture from her upcoming session presentation Effective Supplier Management: Because Knowing is Better Than Wondering at Ariba LIVE. 





Join Kathryn Hinton – VP Supply Chain Management at Tesoro and Jennifer Roberts  Senior Manager – Procurement Center of Excellence at Sonoco at Ariba LIVE for this insightful  session on striking the right balance of being the customer of choice for their suppliers as well as effectively managing supplier performance.



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