Jill-Rowley_future-of-business_quote_LI.jpgThe 1992 cult classic film, Glengarry Glen Ross, featured a variety of quotable scenes, including the infamous sales statement “Always be closing!” Modern sales professionals must pivot away from “always be closing” to “always be connecting” by embracing the value of social selling, according to Jill Rowley. Jill is a seasoned sales professional, acclaimed speaker and social selling evangelist who will lead the Ariba LIVE session, ABCs of Social Selling and Building Your Global Brand in a World of Social Cannibals, on April 9 from 10:45 to noon. 


If you’re joining us in Las Vegas, you’ll want to add Jill’s session to your Ariba LIVE agenda.


During last month’s SAP Radio broadcast on social selling, Jill explained the imperative for social selling and opportunities available to build authentic relationships with today’s digitally-driven buyers.


Here are a few highlights from Jill that were featured in the broadcast:


  • People are meeting you more often online than they are meeting you in person. How does your online profile present you? Is it relevant to the buyers who you are seeking? Do you offer valuable information via your online profile that distinguishes you from others?


  • While millennials are often referred to as digital natives, they haven’t yet amassed business acumen that veteran sales people offer. Experienced sales professionals have knowledge and networks that customers can benefit from and are a key asset with social selling. Your network is your net worth.


  • Social media needs to be a part of the sales professional’s daily routine. Use it to research potential buyers, build relationships that generate relevancy with buyers and can lead to building revenue.


Don’t miss out! Map your journey to social selling success by attending Jill’s session at Ariba LIVE.


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