This year marks my first Ariba LIVE and my first visit to Las Vegas. How about you?


I have already promised my spouse no "maverick spending" at the roulette wheel, no "spot buys" with the casino cashier. I have been granted a small, fixed budget for my first ever gambling experience in the Gambling Capital of the World.


And that’s a good thing, because no sooner than our planes land at McCarran International Airport will we be greeted by the shiny betting beacon of 1,415 slot machines.


McCarran-International-Airport-Baggage-Claim-slots-739x277.jpgPhoto: McCarran International Airport


Now, when you’re a film editor, you can’t go see a movie without noticing the editing. I'm a social media manager, so you can only imagine how differently I experience Facebook and Twitter.


And a procurement professional can’t travel anywhere, I figure, without seeing the world through purchasing eyes. So as you sink your first coins into the slots at McCarran, know this:


  • About 3,000 19-ounce cans of glass cleaner keep those slots sparkly and free from finger prints, supported by 720,000 individual paper towels.
  • Approximately 100 dusters are purchased a year, joining in the effort.


What’s the most common part replaced on the slot machines? The LCD displays and hard drives, with one replaced every one or two months.



Photo: The Venetian


Later, when you arrive at The Venetian and lady luck whispers in your ear that she's clearly on your side, remember this:


  • The Venetian Casino contains 2,155 slot machines and 120 table games.
  • More than 6 million drinks are served annually on their casino floor.


It all rolls up to these impressive numbers for gambling revenue. In 2014:


  • $9.6B in Clark County, Nevada
  • $6.4B just on The Strip


So remember, in the words of the great Kenny Rogers, “You’ve got to know when to hold ‘em, know when to fold ‘em.”


And if you have any tips on the slots and the tables, leave them in the comments below.