With the rise of the Sharing Economy, start-up Uber has made inroads into many big cities. But not Las Vegas. So the easiest way to get around is by taxi, of which there are about a dozen official companies operating in the city that can take you to and from McCarran International Airport, to start with.


Here are our top 5 taxi tips for Ariba LIVE Las Vegas


  1. Don’t try hailing a cab. This isn’t like New York or Chicago. According to Vegas.com, go to a stand or request a pickup. If you enjoy the ride with a particular driver, ask for their card and call them for future service.
  2. It used to be that some taxis didn't accept credit cards. Now all medallioned taxis are required to take credit cards. If you're in a taxi that doesn't, then you aren't in an approved taxi.
  3. Know the rates; don’t negotiate. Fares are based on point of origination and flow of traffic. There are various charges and surcharges, but there should be no charge for handling of luggage.
  4. If you want an estimate of your fare, check out the website Taxi Fare Finder. It says you can expect to pay $23.90 for a taxi ride from the airport to The Venetian, not including an airport origination fee and tip.
  5. Local authorities have released an Android and iPhone mobile app called Ride Genie. It doesn’t have a lot of reviews as it’s practically brand new, but you may find it helpful.


These two are givens:


Buckle up! And check for personal belongings before you exit the cab! The Las Vegas taxi fleet is busy, completing more than 27,600,000 trips last year.


If you have any Vegas-specific taxi tips, please share them in the comments below.