After the appetizers digesting from my Ariba Commerce Summit NYC gig, I knew that aribalive was for me..hands down..... They say everything that happens in Vegas stays there, yea lots of the nonSAP agenda did but not #AribaLIVE stuff as that stuff needed follow on.

Follow-on from every perspective

For me based on priority it was about baking the #SpotBuy and the Ariba Procurement Content story for us back in NYC
.....exchanging business cards are not just gestures they go a long way with unknowns that are now part of your wolfpack

If you ask me 5 things I'd like to call my #AribaLIVE experience snapshot pulse, they'd be:
1. Networking
2. Reference storylines from early adopters
3. Where the world is heading with the networked economy story
4. #Social #AribaLIVE @ariba
5. Influential "change your life messaging" from Keynote speakers

Every transactional experience led to a chain reaction of events that were practically falling in perfect place , all by themselves
Sometimes these things just carve their way out logically and am sure most aribalive attendees would agree that the dope of Content, Speaker Influence, Cloud Solution vision roadmaps, success stories and the jargons leave you craving for more


....before we delve into the #aribalive story ....make a note ....This is the future + include @madeinafreewrld -------------------------------------->>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


Also I promised my friends and usual #SocialMedia suspects debcm The specified item was not found. Andy Rubinson @Josh_Hedrick that I'd discover that face behind the handle, spend whatever time possible in that vexed agenda and also pen down my aribalive experience on Ariba Exchange community as my first blog away from the SAP Community Network
So here it is

Expanding on
Networking: Network, networks Networked economy all are synonyms when used at AribaLIVE, as every transactional communication, every human that you bumped into led you to the other, kinda reminded me of the movie Avatar where one signal to the holy tree docked with everything on the planet
That's possibly the best way to explain the networked economy
After day 1 realized that networking with peers from the same/different line of business, product owners etc gave you the first hand data and mine of info that you could take back to the workplace to iron out that business case
....And these contacts become friends for life because you sustain the relationship by constantly crowd sourcing the best subject matter and the trending vibe in the air.

Where the worlds heading with the networked economy

There's a very thin line between the consumer market and the enterprise market
If you want to win in the networked economy , the mantra is simple, give enterprises the feel of their routine habits, lure them with the correct mash up

Ex : one shouldn't feel the disconnect of moving from the desktop to the mobile device and not think too much or be lost on a screen real estate
#SAPFiori grade experience to the Ariba/SAP applications, mobile with RIA rich content, this is a game changer to procurement

Ariba Total User Experience, gave a roar of applause when it came with its first look to the Install Base and Prospects and the world out there



Speaker Influence


AIG, Cirque du Soleil , Coach et all were eye opening use cases on adoption and embracing the networked economy either piecemeal or Big Bang and the speakers left you with a thirst to carve the story for your enterprise

@candychang #BeforeIDie was a inspirational keynote after a very long was kind of an eye opener in many ways as one has a life that's short and needs to embed meaning into the years left



SAP/Ariba Execs: I put out a tweet to @Tim_Minahan that I've added him to my list of motivational speakers after Steve Jobs and Guy Kawasaki that should be graffiti enough to express what I deciphered off the keynotes
Aatzberger and Sanish Mondkar were equally excellent in unfurling the kimono of strategies and vision that SAP has in store for its install base and future adopters

Customer Reference Meetings: Sometimes it becomes really important to hear the sweet and sour and bitter experience from early adopters to be able to carve a strategy taking their experiences into account..... Thanks to George Stemetzki for tirelessly collaborating some rich sessions for us
This not only helped hear directly from the horses mouth but also build a channel to help with any follow-on peer to peer best practice exchanges. Was extremely honored to be discussing with Rich Lazzaro and Srini Khasnavees, my connects from CA Tech

AribaLIVE Mobile App experience
I can't thank the app, its makers and the team.including Andy the mobile app champion for putting together the different pieces inside the app. Got addicted to its capabilities and trust me until the last day I did not realize that I was Playing to Win the social leaderboard

I will pass on some improvement and adoption areas that the app has to scale to, but in itself currently , is a mean machine
I used every feature of the app, if you did not next aribalive_lasvegas, you should unleash its power and capabilities, trust me on this


Learning is never ending
Even if you think you know it all, coming to an event like aribalive_lasvegas is a Eye-opener, you'll know what you actually don't know ....I believe that you need to step in as that academic school kid with an empty glass to consume all you get and from every source
..for me it was myth busting across topics SpotBuy, Spot Quote, AribaPay , collaborative commerce , Catalog vision of Ariba
leaderboard1.jpgrement Content, Collaborative supply chain, Ariba discovery, Invoice Pro, LatAm eInvoicing and the whole 9 yards around the SAP Procurement and Ariba integration and hybrid synergy stories, these were mint fresh learning's consumed in 72 hours flat with the Vegas vibe

Hands on demo pods with tireless product experts taking you closer to the solution offering were value for time more than bottom line $
In short the gig takes the career limiting moves running in your head and throws you in an island full of strategy to reshape your thinking

I think the AribaLIVE team should stop hosting the "Build your business case justification to attend the gig template" its a

paradox for what you give v/s what you get and after all that content you drink it off and unwind at the Tao

Lastly social at AribaLIVE
When I was boarding my inbound flight I see this tweet from  debcm  that I made the big screen ->>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Freaked me out that you are visible with your content and the #AribaLIVE hashtagMy tweets became focused to my agenda and also gig specific supporting social comrades in their chatter resonating only one truth, that's the #NetworkedEconomy

I will post the highlights of the #AribaLIVE twitteratti in a separate post as that relay is pinnacle to the event itself.





I wish I had time and more guts to do Selfies with old friends, Execs and who not, but wherever possible, did the gesture.

Herez one with jfox my good friend, guru and spotbuy Goto, next time, will have a Selfie exclusive Blog with my experiences
Lou Salgado , Michael Krassos & Chris Berger from our NYC pack, enjoyed the intellectual conversation and dope around Spot Buy topic with Joe Fox (my collage is the proof )

Also waiting to see jmarland video on Procurement as a career option for folks, his blog right here.


Also bumped into my 2 times Ex-Boss @Mangesh_Phadke and discussed whole 9 yards of procurement, believe me never met him in the years I was reporting into him, but AribaLive Vegas made it happen, talking SAP SRM, Ariba, HANA, Social, Fiori and all the possible usecases to rewind the nostalgic past and the goodtimes to look ahead for the future

Will I go there again next year, my Badges & Pins & My aribalive_lasvegas COLLAGE says it all, happy reading get ready for sapphire_now

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