...Most of us today are VISUAL LEARNERS, which typically means "a picture is a thousand words" so true in todays age of twitter and 140 character expression, pictures, presentations and keynotes that are more visually aimed at catching the attention of the target audience. Hence wanted to make this blog as visual as possible for those light readers and complete absorbers of content.


During our intellectual #Social conversations, with many peers in #Social have always expressed it as early as 2011 that a big screen with social twitter streaming using event hash tag should be a must....that was heard and have witnessed #Social chatter roll-ups on huge monitors in many events like aribalive_lasvegas sapphirenow sapdcode

Whats the trending sentiment, is something that needs to also display on these monitors to echo the heavy sentiment expressed by folks across event themes & topics

This also serves as a valuable platform for feedback gathering and signal sensing of topic demand/supply logistics.


My manifestation of the aribalive_lasvegas  sentiment and topic influence spread looks like the infographic below.

(Used my excel based analysis / text intelligence to arrive at a hashtag based analysis)

Hands down goes to aribapay & concur sharing the plate with spotbuy total_user_experience sapfiori fieldglass and more


...anyways after unquoting my AribaLIVE experience in my earlier post, was great to see the social support to amplify the messaging around the #thenetworkedeconomy


Have tried my best to go back to the Archives and carve those tweets that made history for aribalive_lasvegas 2015



Sentiment = Fururistic, ACH, ApplePay, Discover




#TotalUserExperience #TuX #SAPFiori #NewAribaNetworkUI #IoT

Sentiment = technology, futuristic, channel based, SAP UX, New UI, NexGen




#SpotBuy #aribaSAPeBay

Sentiment = Futuristic, Exciting , eBay ,PayPal really possible?





#SupplierRisk #OFAC #AML

Sentiment= Risk, SupplyChain , Process, Compliance



#Concur #perfecttrip

Sentiment : travel, enterprise , adoption , easy



#BeforeIDie @candychang

Sentiment= Corporate Social Responsibility, short life , empathetic , values, ambitions



#EliminateSlavery @madeinafreewrld

Sentiment= Corporate Social Responsibility, Slavery, labor laws, regulatory



The story is not over yet, the Business network story seems to grow and spread as we march along with the #AribaLIVE hashtag towards Munich


....stay hungry... Stay foolish