Frequent business travelers rely on a handful of mobile phone apps to help minimize the headaches of getting from point A to point B. Minimize your travel hassle to #AribaLIVE Munich by checking out these highly-rated apps recommended by our colleagues at Concur



1. Trip Bliss

Download TripIt for tracking your itinerary, flight status, departure status, check-in notifications, terminal info and more. TripIt caches your travel information, so when your data roaming is turned off and you can’t access a Wi-Fi network, you can still access travel notes, flight information, and travel guides.


2. Take a Seat

Combine the power of TripIt with SeatGuru to help get the airplane seat you want, whether that is an aisle, window or near the exit.


3. & 4. Hurry Up and Wait

Flight delayed? Make the most of your wait at the airport terminal by using the mobile apps GateGuru and LoungeBuddy.


5. Expense on the Go

Remember what it used to be like, before the Digital Economy, keeping track of travel receipts and filling out expense reports? Concur Mobile makes it so much easier.


6. & 7. Google It

Just in case you get lost and might have difficulty translating some German, have Google Translate for mobile and Google Maps on hand.


8. Phone Home

Use Skype or FaceTime for iPhone or iPad users. It is the closest thing to being home to give goodnight and good morning wishes and kisses.  


9. Your Agenda

And don’t forget to download the AribaLIVE mobile app to plan your session agenda and make the most of networking opportunities. Our Andy Rubinson wrote a helpful post about how to use our mobile app to make the most of your Ariba LIVE experience and win prizes!



Do you have a favorite mobile travel app that didn’t make our list? Tell us about it in the comments below!



See you and your mobiles in Munich.