SAP-Ariba-Live-Austin-Whitehead-quote-fb.jpgAs SAP Ariba Live 2016 fast approaches, I want to let suppliers know what’s in store for you this year in Las Vegas!  The theme this year is: Simple, Open, Smart. For suppliers, a collaborative B2B network is like a fine Napa Valley wine. It’s simple to use, smart on features, and at a price reflective of value. It makes selling simple by facilitating the entire marketing-to-cash process.

Main stage keynotes will unveil insights on emerging trends and solutions to help you drive innovation and manage relationships with greater simplicity. Check out our sell track sessions  hear from your peers and industry thought leaders. This year we have expanded our seller customer track sessions giving you even more insight and interaction with our solutions development teams. Of course, exceptional networking will help you identify growth opportunities and make connections that lead to new business.


For the first time ever, we are putting together a Seller Showcase to enable you to showcase your company in front of SAP Ariba Live attendees. This should give you more exposure for those networking opportunities. 


Finally, informative breakout sessions will introduce you to game-changing ideas and approaches on a wide range of topics, including:

  • Best Practices in Catalog Strategy: What options work best for you to collaborate with customers on catalog content? Join a panel of leading suppliers and buyers as they discuss their strategies and preferences for hosted CIF versus PunchOut catalogs.
  • Consumerization of B2B—Making B2B Commerce Simple: What are you doing to make your customers’ B2B experience as easy and seamless as their B2C experience? Learn the processes and underlying technologies that companies with success in both channels use to achieve this lofty goal.
  • Hunting and Winning New Business through Ariba Discovery: This session will feature a panel of suppliers sharing their stories about how they use Ariba Discovery to find new business and craft winning responses to grow their business.
  • Leveraging User-Generated Content to Grow Your Buyer Community: Is your target market starting to prefer user-generated content over company-branded content? As content co-creation between brands and consumers becomes increasingly popular and important, knowing how to leverage it will be crucial to business growth. Learn more in this informative session.
  • Selling E-Commerce to Your Leadership: Your customers are implementing a procurement solution. Learn how to change beliefs, shift thinking, and drive conversations and change within your company to shift from operationally focused e-commerce to customer-centric digital commerce and help your company flourish.
  • Selling in the Next Generation—How Millennials and Technology Are Revolutionizing the Way We Do Business: It’s all about social, mobile, and digital commerce! To reach the millennial consumer today, you need to be tech-savvy and understand how advances like mobile and social have influenced how we market to this group. Hear how technology is changing the way companies build relationships with their customers, deliver superior customer service, and improve sales.
  • There’s Nothing Like Getting Paid: When closing the loop on P2P, payment is the last step. Yet lack of visibility into what, when, and how much you’ll get paid impedes your ability to predict and manage cash flow. AribaPay makes it simple to plan, track, and reconcile payments from your Ariba customers so you can better predict and manage your cash. Find out how AribaPay works and the steps you can take to become AribaPay ready.
  • Using E-Commerce to Automate Your Collaborative Business Transactions: By using B2B e-commerce to automate customer collaboration, you can reduce costs associated with manual document keying, drive up customer satisfaction through faster, more accurate response rates to customer purchase orders, and create cleaner, more accurate invoices. Join this panel of leading suppliers as they discuss when and how to leverage the different transactional and integration options available on Ariba® Network.
  • Using Supply Chain Collaboration to Drive Visibility into Supply: In today’s distributed, global economy, greater reliance on trading partners has made supply chain collaboration a competitive mandate. As supply chains become more complex and dynamic, your ability to achieve the perfect order depends on having the right tools and partners. Join a panel of thought leaders and buyer and supplier practitioners as they discuss how to attain the perfect order by collaborating effectively with trading partners both inside and outside their enterprises.


Don’t miss this opportunity to improve customer collaboration, gain new business, learn about new innovations, and share feedback on the solutions you use every day. Register today for SAP Ariba Live in Las Vegas and join me for a glass of fine Napa Valley wine.