Have you seen the latest ads for Direct TV? They feature a family of “settlers” living in a modern neighborhood, where the father holds firm to old fashioned ways. In one spot, the father tells his son, “Now go churn us some butter and make your own clothes.”


Trash truck.jpgThe ads remind me of the stark contrasts that exist in accounts payable.



In one corner are the “settlers” holding firm to old-fashioned ways: piles of paper and teams of people handling data entry, troubleshooting problem invoices, and answering supplier phone calls about delayed payments.



Touch Screen.jpg


In the other corner are the forward-thinkers taking full advantage of business networks, where invoice processing is automated and collaboration brings new opportunities to manage corporate spend, cash and working capital, and optimize the financial supply chain.


It’s a tale of two ways of working that produce different outcomes. Long-time vs. real-time processing.  Spend out of control vs. spend under control.  AP as overhead vs AP as strategic asset.

      • In a digital economy, trading partners that connect and collaborate over open and intelligent networks work smart, run simple, and outperform their peers.


But how do you get there?


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