Today is leap day, that extra day in February which comes around every four years. While the modern calendar year contains 365 days, the actual time for the earth to orbit the sun is slightly longer, 365.2421 days. This extra day every four years is to keep all this in sync.


If you are among the organizations still dealing with invoices mostly on paper, it’s likely that your process is out of sync. You could use an extra day every week just to get your bills paid.


But you can do better. Here’s some data from the Ardent Partners report, E-Payables 2015: Higher Ground and Ariba Network customer results:


Days to process an invoice

All others: 16.6 days

Best-in-class: 3.6 days

Ariba Network top performers: same day


Imagine having an extra day every week to focus on strategic activities instead of processing invoices... even if many of your invoices aren’t linked to purchase orders.


That’s what top performers are doing today, and you can learn from them at SAP Ariba Live, March 14-16 at The Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas. In our session on Wednesday, March 16, 10:45am – Noon, Mission Possible: You Can Achieve Touchless Invoice Processing, -- you’ll hear Andrew Bartolini, founder and chief research officer at Ardent Partners, examine:


  • Evolution of accounts payable
  • Key performance benchmarks
  • Value of compliance


You’ll also hear procure-to-pay innovators from UPS and ADT, who will discuss their use of contract invoicing for non-PO invoices to ensure the same level of compliance as PO invoicing.


For any organization struggling to enforce negotiated prices in contracts, or that have no clue how their contracts are being enforced during the procure-to-pay process, this is a great session for you. I invite you to join us for this session--one of more than 100 breakout sessions featured this year at SAP Ariba Live.