It is impossible to ignore the incredible impact that technology is having on business. It is literally changing the way we work and opening incredible opportunities for us to create new value for our companies and for business partners.


It’s a fact: innovative technology helps deepen relationships and grow commerce. Just as consumer apps can simplify our lives, innovative business software can remove the friction from commerce and remove the complexity that drags so many businesses down.


The modern enterprise demands technology that is simple and smart. Because when you combine simple and smart, you drive adoption. And with adoption, you are ready to transform your business.


Software must not only simplify processes. It must redefine how we interact with data and with each other and fuel new ways of operating that drive business transformation.


It must also be smart. Just like the consumer technologies we use to shop, share and consume, business software should be intelligent and deliver experiences that are personal and relevant. It should know things about us and anticipate our needs within the context of our actions and execute them in line with our preferences.


And it has to be open. When you have millions of companies connected on one network, you can start to dream and imagine what’s possible. Automating the exchange of a purchase order or an invoice is only the start. Leveraging the power of open networks, you can go beyond automation and transactions to accomplish new things. To deliver innovation and true transformation.


The economy is digitizing on a massive scale. And in order to successfully adapt and respond, you have to challenge yourself to innovate in real and meaningful ways. And embrace technology that no only eliminates complexity, but drives the transparency and trust needed to improve collaboration and create new, dynamic, experiences that create real business value and growth.


Alex Atzberger is the president of SAP Ariba—follow Alex on Twitter. See what’s on the innovation agenda at SAP Ariba Live in Las Vegas, March 14-16, 2016—and don’t forget to register.