Up until September 2015, you could only take taxis in Las Vegas. But now, if you’re flying into McCarran International Airport and looking to procure your ride to The Cosmopolitan, choices abound! (No, we’re not referring to the more than 1,400 slot machines in the airport.) I’m not going to recommend one way over another, but I am happy to offer a few tips to help you get to the Vegas Strip however you prefer.





According to the Nevada Taxicab Authority, the approximate fare from LAS to The Cosmopolitan is $22.15 using the most direct route along Las Vegas Blvd. Only secure taxis from an authorized taxi stand in Sin City. This is not the city to show off your NYC or Chi-town tested cab hailing skills. Some taxis in Vegas do not accept credit cards, and those that do charge a $3-per-transaction fee in addition to your fare.


The taxi industry was down by 325,709 rides in January 2016 from the year before. (January is the most profitable month for the industry.) The reason for the decline is believed to be the more than 11,000 new Uber and Lyft drivers in Southern Nevada.




Las Vegas newcomers Uber and Lyft are authorized to provide ride sharing services at the airport and across the city.


(If ride sharing conjures up images of awkward commutes with colleagues with weird tastes in music like it does for me, it’s time to join the 21st century!) You can easily arrange for a ride share using the Lyft or Uber apps downloaded to your smart phone or tablet. Designated Ride Share passenger pick up locations are near the Terminal 1 and 3 parking garages.  And when you’re ready to return home post conference, you can be dropped off at the airport’s departures curbs at both Terminal 1 and Terminal 3. Uber and Lyft always accept credit cards. And while you won’t be hit with a transaction fee on top of your fare, keep an eye out for surge pricing surprises.


No matter how you make your way to The Cosmopolitan, we look forward to seeing you at the Pre-Conference sessions and at the Welcome Reception on Monday night