How Millennials and Technology Are Revolutionizing the Way We Do Business

Do you remember when you used to have to call the movie theater to hear the show times? Would you go to a theater if they still made you do that? I know I wouldn’t. I love that I can be anywhere and look up movie show times on my phone. Not only that, but I can find promotions, movie reviews, and actor profiles on social media for every movie I search. Technology is changing the way we do simple things. For millennials that is especially true.


They grew up always having access to the internet. They stayed connected to each other through email, text messaging and social media. Growing up with technology alongside them, millennials and technology stand as a single entity. To reach the millennial consumer today, businesses need to be tech-savvy and understand how advances like mobile and social media have influenced how we market to this group. In this session at SAP Ariba Live listen to thought leader, T. Scott Gross, share how technology is changing the way companies build relationships with their customers and the impact it has on delivering superior customer service and improving sales.


Meet T. Scott Gross

Scott Gross.jpgHe’s not a fighter pilot or an astronaut; but he has logged nearly 4000 hours as pilot in command of a high performance aircraft.


He didn’t even come close to being the most popular in his class but on nearly 300 EMS runs and dozens of angel flights quite a few folks were mighty glad to see him.


He served six years as a member of his local school board followed by six years on city council where he was instrumental in re-building the library, funding an eight mile river trail, expanding city parks, and more. He is proud to say that his votes were always about doing the right thing and never about the next election.


He is the author of 15 business books and has presented to some of the world’s most prestigious organizations including Southwest Airlines, Ford, and Marriott.


If you want insight in how to stay connected to the next generation of consumers, this is one breakout session I know you won’t want to miss!