Whenever we make travel plans to a new city, we have a mixed set of emotions; we are excited- about being in a new place, meeting new people, seeing new sights, tasting different food and all that goes with it. Along with the excitement, comes a bit of anxiety, to do the right things, to see the right places and to have the right experiences.  If you are one of those lucky ones travelling to SAP Ariba Live Madrid 2016, I am sure you are having a similar set of thoughts running through your mind. But......


Here is the hitchhiker’s guide to SAP Ariba Live Madrid, which will help you make the most out of this two day procurement extravaganza from SAP Ariba. In this three part guide, I will give you my top ten hacks that will make this trip of yours an exciting and value adding one.


1. Get a Guide:

Many a times we make the mistake of trying to explore a new city on our own without seeking the help of any guides. While the lonely planet guide can be a good companion, there is nothing like a knowledgeable guide in a new city. Akin to that, as an end user of procurement, a little guidance is always a good thing. Imagine joining a new company and trying to get yourself the IT starter kit without any guidance, can be quite harrowing. Check out SAP Ariba’s new buying experience that helps users buy the right things, from the right suppliers, at the right prices and through the right policies. And like the best guides in town, it will put you at ease and is completely trustworthy.


2.Take the Direct Train:

Moving around a large city can be quite daunting, especially when there are multiple lines that criss cross across the city, at different levels and run by different operators. Similar to this, is the complexity of direct material sourcing, with multiple bills of materials, hierarchies and cost structures to manage. Don’t miss SAP Ariba’s innovation that makes it easy to manage complex materials, BOMs and supports better product costing optimization. With the new UI, increase adoption by functional buyers (eg: Engineers) to use sourcing and make better decisions. Native integration to ECC and PLM .


3.Visit the local market and make that “Spot Buy”:

There is no place better to sample a new city than the local marketplace. But local marketplaces can be a bit tricky, especially if you are a tourist. Imagine being taken to a local market where you can shop without the fear of being overcharged, or being sold a fake. That is SAP Ariba Spot Buy for you. A ready to go marketplace for goods where only the best of suppliers exist, where you can leverage market pricing , have integrated buying process compliance to compliment your company’s sourcing strategy and all within an intuitive shopping environment.


4.Pay it forward and Pay it Right:

As much as travelling is fun, paying all those invoices once you come back from the trip isn’t. What is needed is an intuitive and collaborative solution which allows you to manage all those invoices on one screen, from the comfort of your living room. Imagine such a solution in the hands of accounts payable in companies, and that is what SAP Ariba Invoice collaboration enables. Natural in-context collaboration between invoice agents, business users and suppliers for faster invoice reconciliation, along with In app messaging, making delayed and incorrect payments a thing of the past.


5.Walk in the clouds,but come down whenever you want to:

There is a sense of freedom in walking in the clouds, little wonder people flock to the mountains when given a chance. What’s key however is the flexibility to walk in the clouds but the ability to come down whenever you want to. And with SAP Ariba’s new vendor master in the cloud, you get precisely that. A vendor master in the cloud with 2-way integration capability with your on-premise vendor master.  A solution which lets your suppliers manage their own information by enabling the right and extensible business processes in the cloud.

In the first part of the tour, I have taken you through the “when in Madrid, must see”  sessions, but in tomorrow’s guide, I will take you through the hidden gems of Madrid, tucked away from the glare of tourists, locals only places which are bound to make your visit to Madrid a more complete and enriching one. Stay tuned!


For more details of the event and signing up to the live stream visit: http://www.aribalive.com/2016/madrid