The typical challenge with the tour of a city with many exotic locales is that one tends to miss out on the subtle yet important places, the ones which are unique to the city, tucked away from the throngs of the public, known pretty much through word of mouth, or more commonly, only to the locals. In this part of the Hitchhiker’s guide to SAPAribaLive Madrid, I would like to bring to light these hidden gems, which you should not miss out on.

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Don’t forget the King:

They say content is king, which is as true as a statement can get and it is true with procurement too. Adoption of procurement software amongst the end users is driven by two pillars, usability and content. One without the other is of little value and hence the focus on the catalog engine at SAP Ariba. Attend the catalog management session to know more about the new catalogue architecture, content management with validation, cleansing & enrichment rules, catalogue reporting & BMEcat format support and item master integration with SAP systems. I am sure you will come away impressed.


There is reward without risk:

The age old adage says that if there is no risk, there is no reward. In today’s world, the paradigm needs a shift. It is not about taking risks, but in managing it.This applies to visiting a new city,to explore unknown neighborhoods used to be risky, but with live maps and web chatters, it is about exploring neighborhoods knowing the risk involved.Drawing a parallel to the procurement world, and supplier management has moved from being reactive risk management to proactive risk management. Join the supplier risk management session to learn more about how you can manage supplier risk before it impacts your supply chain. How do you leverage external data sources and sophisticated risk models to manage supplier risk across a large supply base, all within one solution. Sounds too good to be true, but it is!


Let someone else foot the bill (atleast for a short term):

Studies reveal that most people defer a much needed holiday as their cash flow doesn’t allow it. Little wonder that almost all banks and finance companies are out there lending you short term loans to get that tan. But these loans don’t come cheap. How would it be if you get this loan and that too on your terms and conditions? This is what SAP Ariba Supply Chain Finance does to corporate buying. Join the supply chain finance session to know more about supply chain financing using the Ariba Network; which allows access to 55+ low cost funding sources helping you reduce supply chain costs.


Keep it Light:

How often have we packed heavy and found it difficult to lug around our stuff? Even worse, when the porters are unwilling to lift your bags outside St.Lucia in Venice  as it is too heavy and ask you to more than the tariff. Similarly, when you have long tail suppliers who don’t want total collaboration and are just contended with getting a PO and sending back an invoice, you can delight them by offering a lot more within the simplicity of email. Do check it out the light enablement through interactive email session and you will come away amazed with the power of the Ariba network wrapped in an email.


Keep your supplies stocked:

It is always a fine balance to have enough supplies to keep yourself refreshed when on the road and carrying too much and punishing your back. The same applies to corporate supply chains too, the risk of a stockout vs. the cost of inventory, is a tricky balance to find. But with the Collaborative Supply Chain capability of SAP Ariba you can improve direct order collaboration through forecasts and releases, manage and track sub-contracting orders and optimize inventory using consignment stock visibility. With the future releases bringing in inventory collaboration capability, the support of supply chain processes on the Ariba network is more holistic than ever. Join the session to find out more.

If you thought that the hidden gems have given you enough food for thought, then it is time for a sangria and a good night’s sleep as you are yet to explore the for your eyes only jewels in SAPAribaLive Madrid, tomorrow. Ciao until then!


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