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In just a few weeks SAP Ariba will host the first ever SAP Ariba Live event in the Asia Pacific region, at the Marina Bay Sands Resort in Singapore. Like Las Vegas and Madrid earlier this year, this venue will provide a rich backdrop for our customers and partners to network and explore the business network opportunities in the region.


Whether the company is a small business just starting out with SAP Ariba, or a Fortune 100 company well equipped with e-commerce capabilities, there is something for all to take away from this event.  In fact, one of the things I hear consistently from customers is how great the SAP Ariba Live events are for connecting with others to learn about our solutions first-hand.  The Singapore event will be no different as it will feature 10 “Sell” track sessions of highest relevance to suppliers, as well as additional sessions in the “Customer” and “Pay” tracks during the conference. Below are some of the key supplier sessions at the event. For the full detailed list of breakout sessions, please click here.

  • On Day 1, we will host the first ever “Supplier Success on the Ariba Network” breakout session. In this session attendees will hear from a variety of supplier-focused SAP Ariba executives about community engagement and benefits of Ariba® Network, as well as hear from SAP Ariba’s highly engaged suppliers about their success to date.  Suppliers will walk away with an understanding of where they are in the e-commerce lifecycle to identify the best sessions to attend during the event.
  • “Best Practices in Catalog Strategies” is always one of the most popular sessions at our events, so make sure you come early and secure a seat!  This session will feature a couple of our leading supplier customers sharing their catalog strategies and preferences for hosted CIF versus PunchOut catalogs.
  • “Selling E-Commerce to Your Leadership” session will address the challenges suppliers encounter when implementing customer procurement solutions. This expert panel will share how they have worked within their organizations to drive conversations and create change within their company in order to shift from operationally focused e-commerce to customer-centric digital commerce growth. 
  • It’s all about social, mobile, and digital commerce! In the session, “Selling in the Next Generation – How Millennials and Technology Are Revolutionizing the Way We Do Business” attendees will hear from a thought leader on how technology is changing the way companies build relationships with their customers and the opportunity this can create for superior customer service and improved sales strategy.This panel discussion will cover how to address and overcome objections that suppliers may have about participating in your strategic e-commerce initiative. Remember, as a buyer, you determine what value your suppliers receive from e-commerce
  • Leading sellers are “Using E-Commerce to Automate Your Collaborative Business Transactions” for B2B e-commerce. In this session attendees will learn from panelists on how their companies have automated their business collaboration with customers, and the different transactional and integration options available on the Ariba Network.


Don’t miss your chance to learn first-hand from peers and thought leaders.  We invite you to join us at this event for over two full days of networking activities and business insights.  Register today and use coupon code ASIA16 to get $50 USD off your registration. Hope to meet you in person in Singapore!