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I’m a coupon clipper. There, I said it: I clip coupons. Why? Well, the answer is complicated. My stay-at-home mom clipped coupons. And any money she saved, she got to keep as hers. So after she died, I started clipping coupons so that every week, I can feel close to her.


Now this does take a significant time commitment out of my weekends, and I’m often asked, “What value do you really get out of coupons?” I thought that was an interesting question. Those of you who know me are probably not surprised that I decided to keep a spreadsheet of my coupon and store special savings.


Initially I thought the savings wouldn’t be that significant, but after years of shopping, I discovered that each year, I saved approximately 30% on my groceries!  Not only did the amount shock me, but I decided to use the savings as a budget for my vacations.   So not only do I have realized value, but now I have motivation to continue to clip coupons.   And like so many of the Olympic athletes we are watching that may never attain realized financial value, I am motivated by my own personal goals.


Dr. Michael Driver, my organizational behavior professor at the USC Marshall School of Business, said in class, “Motivation is the energy to do something.”   


At SAP Ariba, we often speak of the value proposition of collaborative e-commerce for supplier value being:


  • Find buyers ready to buy
  • Accelerate the sales cycle
  • Improve customer retention
  • Predict and apply cash


Suppliers like MiSUMi, Complete Office Supply, and RS Components have reaped these benefits and more. Yet even though we’ve documented this value from many of our supplier customers—whether it’s winning new business on Ariba Discovery, saving money with fewer transition errors, or managing cash flow with AribaPay—many other suppliers don’t fully realize the value. (Maybe they are not tracking it on spreadsheets!)


I realized that while there is value to be had, some suppliers might not be motivated to attain that value. Using my coupon money to fund my vacations gives me the motivation to continue to seek ongoing savings. Think about it, a single Ariba Discovery win could fund unlimited responses for a year! And transacting through e-commerce with your customer not only reduces your errors, but shows that you’re a partner in your customers’ strategic collaborative commerce initiatives. 


So if you need to hear what motivates other suppliers to participate in their customers’ initiatives, I encourage you to come to SAP Ariba Live August 29-31 in Singapore. You’ll learn from your supplier peers, while making new potential customer connections and finding out what can motivate you to fund your ongoing business growth. For additional info, listen to suppliers describe what they get from attending and check out the exciting agenda and breakout sessions.


And when you’re ready to register, guess what? I’ve got a coupon for you! Just enter ASIA16 to save 50 USD off the regular registration fee.


Oh, and if you see me, ask me about this year’s vacation plans…