If this is your first time attending SAP Ariba Live you’re probably wondering how to make the most of your experience. You want to know how to connect with buyers, learn about new products and innovations, access SAP Ariba resources, and meet other suppliers. I remember the first time I attended and how my boss was awesome at helping me navigate my way through the event. So I decided what better way to help you learn how to optimize your experience than from my boss…who agreed to demonstrate the tips in the pictures below. Just remember the word GREAT and that is what your SAP Ariba Live experience is sure to be!


1. Get the mobile app.

Mobile App.jpg

Networking is a priority at SAP Ariba Live, so make the most of it by downloading the mobile app. See which buyers will be on site and send messages and meeting invites to those you want to meet. Not only can you message in the app, but you can plan your schedule as well. Maximize your time by planning which breakout sessions, networking events, and demo pods you want to check out ahead of time!


2. Reach out to buyers.


The Commerce Pavilion is the perfect place to mix and mingle with prospective buyers. Head there during meals and breaks for networking opportunities. Look for “Buyer” labels on badges to quickly identify prospects for in-person introductions. Be sure to swing by Monday evening for the Welcome Reception and play the Perfect Handshake icebreaker game.


3. Engage with SAP Ariba resources.

Ariba resources.jpg

Need help with SAP Ariba solutions? Come check out the “Supplier Success on the Ariba Network” breakout session. This session takes place Tuesday, August 30th at 11:00 am. Attend this session for an overview of features and benefits the Ariba Network offers suppliers, information on enablement and integration, and a discussion of where you as a supplier are in the e-commerce lifecycle. Join us for lunch and round table discussions where you can ask SAP Ariba team members questions in person.


4. Attend breakout sessions.


These educational sessions are packed with insights and ideas to help you use e-commerce and SAP Ariba more effectively. Pay special attention to the Sell track breakouts, where you’ll pick up best practices from peers on how to maximize revenue, improve top-line results, develop your online brand, increase customer loyalty, and more!


5. Talk with other suppliers.


Tap into the collective brainpower of your colleagues and peers. Grab your chance to start or strengthen relationships during breaks and networking activities, and collect new ideas from successful sellers at the Sell track breakout sessions. Don’t forget to attend the Seller Networking Mixer on Monday for a fun evening of cocktails and new connections!


Remember these five tips and your time at SAP Ariba Live in Singapore will be G-R-E-A-T! And if you’re still not sure what to expect, hear what other suppliers took away from attending SAP Ariba Live!


If you haven’t registered yet, be sure to use the code ASIA16 to get 50 USD off your registration. You could meet my boss in person (and you should, because he’s pretty cool).