You would probably agree with me that Spend Analysis isn’t just the sum of data aggregation and dashboards, it’s a lot more than that.


So, how do you roll out a Spend Analysis program to get a clear and complete view of your spend information? To effectively manage suppliers? Uncover key spend patterns? And monitor compliance?


These are among the questions that will be answered in an insightful session , Spend Analysis: What Your Data Is Telling You and Why It’s Worth Listening on Tuesday, August 30, 5:00 — 6:15 at SAP Ariba Live

The session will feature presentation from Deloitte that showcase best practices to solve strategic sourcing challenges, improve negotiation leverage, consolidate and optimize top categories and drive sustainability initiatives that you can apply at your organization.


This is one of the many sessions organised for you in the Source Track help you drive better procurement decision making,transform your source-to-settle operations and improve collaboration.


I hope you can join us at Marina Bay Sands from August 29th - 31st  in Singapore.