Status updates let you share what’s going right now with others in Exchange. You can add links, pictures, or @mention someone, a place, or a piece of content to increase the visibility of your update.


To create a status update:

  • Click in the What's Going On? field at the top of your What Matters: Activity page. The field expands and gives you buttons to Post, upload a photo, and @mention.

9-11-2012 4-27-02 PM.jpg

  • Enter your update and include any photos or @mentions you'd like to include.
  • Include tags if you’d like your status update to be searchable later. Entering # before a word in your status update turns that word into a tag.
  • Click the Post button to post your update.
  • Your update will appear in the activity streams of people who are following you and anyone who you @mention. It will also appear in the activity streams of the people who are following a group or piece of content you @ mention.
  • For more on @ see What is @mention and how do I use it?


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