In this email Ravi Kumaraswami, the newly appointed GM for the On-Premise Business, provides additional detail around some of the specific activities that his team plans to accomplish in the near term.  He also introduces the key members of the On-Premise team.



As you heard from Bob in an earlier email, I have been appointed as the global General Manager of the On-Premise solutions business.  I am pleased to take on this role and work with our On-Premise customers towards clearly defining a strategic direction for our solutions as well as improving Ariba’s interaction and communication.  Although most of you have been Ariba customers for many years, the term "On-Premise" is relatively new. We are using this term to refer to anyone using what was formerly known as our CD solutions - whether hosted or installed.

Just some of the questions and feedback that we have heard from you include the following:

·         How long will 9r1 be supported?

·         Will there be any more releases?

·         When and how frequently will we receive product enhancements?

·         How can we provide input into the enhancement process?

·         How can we influence the cadence of Service Pack releases?

We plan to address all of these and more over the coming months, but I would like to take this opportunity to update you on our current progress.

First, we have defined a 100-day plan during which my team will be reaching out to you in person, through email updates, and over Ariba Exchange.  We would like to hear your specific concerns and address them.  We also want to give you a forum in which you can communicate with your peers to discuss topics of mutual interest.

And speaking of my team, if you haven’t already met them, these are just some of the people that are dedicated to the success of our On-Premise customers:

·         Account Management and Solution Optimization:  Matt Leone, David Leonard and Jeramy Ivener

·         Product Management:  Jason Brown

·         Engineering:  Rama Penumarti

·         Customer Council and User Groups:  Rachel Barger

·         Communications: Jennifer Satterwhite

·         Customer Support : Dan Russi

·         Customer Quality : Gregson Sui

·         Maintenance Renewals :Virginia Acosta

·         Subscription Renewals: Craig Solberg

Second, we will establish an On-Premise Customer Council that will provide you insight into the roadmap for the solutions as well as the opportunity to provide feedback and recommendations for enhancements.  This Council will meet in person several times per year beginning in late July or early August.  Additionally, we will host On-Premise User Groups globally throughout the year.  Be on the lookout for upcoming communications about these events.

And last (at least for now), a new Community will be created on Ariba Exchange to facilitate interaction between Ariba and our customers, but more importantly, to allow you to exchange ideas with each other.

I look forward to meeting many of you in person in the coming months and working with you to drive the future of our On-Premise solutions business.


Ravi Kumaraswami