With pleasure, Ariba announces the availability of a much requested feature in Ariba Connect: the ability to determine the contents contained in multiple Service Packs and Hot Fixes easily. Often, customers do not use the latest Service Pack, and because Service Packs are cumulative, determining all of the fixed defects and enhancements that fall between the latest Service Pack and the Service Pack you currently use requires a laborious task. Starting today, Ariba Connect offers you this capability.

You can view all of the Fixed Defects, New Features, and Known Issues for an individual service pack by clicking the service pack link on the What’s New tab.

Service Pack Link.JPG

By default, the Version Filter setting includes "All Versions". Click the control to open the drop-down. From here, you can use the “Select/deselect Service Pack" ## drop-down, where ## represents the Service Pack number, to select all of the check boxes in each grouping. If you plan to move from SP 14 HF 34 to SP 17 HF12, click Select/deselect Service Pack 17, Select/deselect Service Pack 16, and Select/deselect Service Pack 15 to select the appropriate version checkboxes (54 selections) as illustrated. When you click outside the control, the “loading” graphic displays and the screen updates with the filtered view.

Filtered View 1.11.12.JPG

The Connect Types filter, which defaults to include all of the following types, enables the listing of any one or combination of the following based on the user's selection:

  • Known Issues
  • Fixed Assets
  • New Features

Clicking the various other links, Requires Action and Show Details, retains your filter choices.