When collaborating, the supplier can see the bid count, which was not visible in Ariba Buyer 8.2.2, due to the introduction of the BiddingType field in Ariba Buyer 9r1.

During open bidding, this ability helps buying organizations drive down the purchase price in a collaboration by enabling them to expose part of a supplier's collaboration information to its competitors, selectively. In Ariba Buyer 9r1, those fields include Bidding Amount, Rank, and Supplier depending on this field's configuration. Letting suppliers see where they rank should drive additional competitiveness and cost savings for the requester.


Valid values (from least to most visibility) include:

  • Closed - None of the bidding information fields appear.
  • Amount - The Lowest Amount and Price fields appear.
  • Rank - The Lowest Amount, Price, Proposal Rank, and Supplier Rank fields appear.
  • Supplier - The Lowest Amount, Price, Lowest Supplier, Proposal Rank, and Supplier Rank fields appear.


The following Requisition Header shows the BiddingType field and an example of its setting in Ariba Buyer 9r1: