For users of Ariba's On-Premise Solutions who use Ariba Discovery either by punching out or through Ariba's basic integration with Ariba Sourcing: We are pleased to inform you about recent changes to Ariba Discovery’s subscription packages. Sellers can, now, respond to buyer postings at a lower cost or even for free. We believe this will have a positive effect on the number and quality of seller responses that you receive to your Request for Information (RFI)/Request for Proposal (RFP) postings. Buyers continue to use Ariba Discovery free of charge.

Key changes at a glance:

  • New unlimited free responses to postings <$10 thousand in project size for all sellers.
  • Lower response fees to postings <$100 thousand in project size for Standard sellers.
  • New unlimited free responses to all postings for Advantage sellers.
  • Lower subscription fee for Advantage Plus sellers.

Those of you who use Ariba Discovery as sellers can simply visit our website to take advantage of the new lower rates.