Ariba® SourcingTM 9r1, Ariba® Contract ManagementTM 9r1: When the following system error occurs, one possible cause involves trying to access an object after it gets committed to the database because the user's session still refers to the old object. Another possibility results from the user having multiple user sessions open. 


Object [BaseId] was released from the cache


Sample stack trace:

Object [BaseId 721189684 bxdlis.ow ] was released from the cache. Type name: ariba .sourcing.content.RFXItemValue. Turn on debug logging for the 'transaction' category to see the stack trace of the last commit or rollback.


An object releases from the cache when the user's session cache releases the object. A new user session initiates for a user each time that user logs into the site.


An object gets committed to the database after an update.


You may be able to resolve the issue by clicking the Logout button to log out of the application, closing all Internet browser windows, then, opening a new Internet browser window and logging into the application again.