Ariba provides a matrix that contains information about software compatibility with Ariba modules called Platform Certification Matrix to customers through Ariba Connect. To locate the most recent version of the Platform Compatibility Matrix, follow these steps: 

1.     Log into your Ariba Connect account.

2.     Access one of your company's solutions within the Product Summary portal (for example, Ariba Buyer).

3.     Click the Platform Certification Matrix link.

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4.     On-Premise customers should refer to all tabs within the spreadsheet.

5.     Refer to the Certification Policy tab for information about how Ariba makes platform certification and de-support decisions, and view the Roadmap tab for information about the next certifications in process for Ariba modules, including a tentative timeline.

Ariba’s platform certification strategy involves certifying major new versions of platforms for the current and upcoming releases of Ariba's products. Simultaneously, Ariba proactively deprecates and, subsequently, drops support for older versions of platforms. Ariba typically does not certify new platform version releases for older versions of Ariba's products. Ariba only certifies major versions and cumulative service packs of software platforms, and does not certify individual patches/fixes. When deciding specific versions of platforms, including browsers and client operating systems to test and qualify, Ariba considers the following factors:


  • Market trend, including market share and adoption rate.
  • Quality and stability of the new platform version releases.
  • Customer demand through online input of platform data and Enhancement Requests on Ariba Connect (
  • Vendor support and obsolescence timeline.
  • Predominant versions of Ariba products used in production environments by customers.

Ariba encourages our customers to update their technical environment information proactively, online, as well as to submit Enhancement Requests for platforms not yet certified by Ariba. You can do both through Ariba Connect. This information allows us to make critical platform support decisions, as well as to send you personalized notifications about Hot Fix packs and Technical Support updates proactively.