Error in Application Log, "Cluster checksum mismatch, server shutdown." Cannot Start Ariba Buyer or Ariba Sourcing


Ariba Sourcing 9r1 or Ariba Buyer 9r1: The user cannot start Ariba Buyer or Ariba Sourcing and gets an error in the application log similar to the linked example when a Checksum Mismatch error occurs.


Checksum data exists for detecting accidental errors, and Ariba typically uses a checksum function to do that. The error occurs when the server detects that the checksum from the configuration is out of synchronization with previously loaded information.


For example, the user makes some change to Parameters.table (or any configuration file) and shuts down one or more nodes, but not all nodes. Then, if the user tries to start nodes, the system shuts down with a checksum error because the working node still runs with a cached copy of the Parameters.table.

You can recover best by ensuring the synchronization of all files. Accomplish this by following these steps:

1.     Shut down all of the Ariba Buyer or Ariba Sourcing nodes.

2.     Shut down everything, including web and application servers.

3.     Bring everything back up as you would normally.

To avoid this problem in the future, ensure that node shutdown and restart does not occur after modification of any of the key files (especially in a production environment) unless you shut down and restart everything.