Ariba® AnalysisTM 9r1 Service Pack (SP) 10, and higher: During a Switch Schema and Copy Data operation schema pointers change as follows:

If the current situation corresponds to the following:

  1. Star.Dedicated.Schema1 > Dataload SchemaStar.Dedicated.Schema2 > Presentation Schema

Events occur in the following sequence:

1.     Switch Schema and Copy Data initiates from the Dataload Schema.

2.     The schema pointers switch:
Star.Dedicated.Schema1 > Presentation SchemaStar.Dedicated.Schema2 > Dataload Schema

3.     Star.Dedicated.Schema2 truncates.

4.     Data is copied from Star.Dedicated.Schema1 to Star.Dedicated.Schema2

The schema pointers switch back:
Star.Dedicated.Schema1 > Dataload Schema
> Presentation Schema