Ariba® Buyer™ 9r1, Ariba Buyer 8.2.2, and Ariba Buyer 8.1:  If users receive the following email after an Ariba Network (AN) update you can deactivate that notification if desired:

Object : <Order # AAIAP:0000005093> has been Acknowledged by ABC Express

This notification contains important information about your Ariba Network account (ANID: AN01000xxxxxx). Your purchase order status:

Order #:        AAIAP:0000005093
Supplier:      ABC Express
Order Date:    21 Jan 20xx 10:14:46 AM GMT-08:00
Status:            Acknowledged

Ariba Network

To deactivate the notification, take these steps:

1.     Log into your account on the AN.

2.     Go to Administration > Configuration > Notification.

3.     Uncheck the check box beside Send a notification to the requester when an order status changes.