Hi everyone.  I wanted to give everyone a brief update on 9r2.  9r2 is planned for a Q1 2014 release date

  • Through this Ariba Exchange group we have shared candidate features and have received many votes back from the customer base, and for that thank you! 
  • We conducted focus groups with customers that enthusiastically ranked certain features high on their list in order to further define/refine how each feature should be designed, and for those participants, thank you for your time and additional input. 
  • We have narrowed and locked the list in support of the two primary goals of 9r2 - (1) to provide compelling innovation while (2) limiting change management impacts (a.k.a. not a major upgrade again).


We encourage everyone to attend Ariba LIVE, where we will have two breakout sessions dedicated to 9r2 (Downstream, Upstream).  The goal for the breakouts is to share the features in detail and provide any screenshots, configuration options, or other information as much as possible (with the caveat that it is still half way through the development cycle).


We are planning to host Webex meetings in Q3 and Q4 to provide "get ready" information to prepare your organizations for taking on the upgrade.  We will refresh the screenshots and configuration options from LIVE, and provide as much information as possible ahead of the release.


Lastly, if you would like to see the final list prior to Ariba LIVE, please contact your Customer Engagement Executive who can help schedule that meeting.  It will not contain the level of detail that will be shared at LIVE, but it will give you a sense of what is coming.


Thank you, and look forward to seeing everyone at Ariba LIVE!

David Leonard