Hello Ariba On-Premise Community!


Ariba On-Premise Product management is going to use this blog post to communicate updates to the product. Please "Follow" this blog post so that you will get any and all updates to it.


To start off with, we are very happy that 9r2 is about to be Generally Available. It looks like it will be in late May 2014. Please see all the webinars on all the features in this release in the discussion located at http://exchange.ariba.com/message/6372. There are links to each of the features, a recorded webinar, and the questions and answers on each feature to get you ready to easily and quickly adopt 9r2. Please note that we will be continuing our normal 8-10 week cadence for 9r2 Service Packs once 9r2 becomes GA.



Jason Brown

Sr. Dir., On-Premise Procurement Solutions