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Ariba's 2011 user conference highlighted ways that buyers and sellers can derive more benefit from Ariba solutions through new partners, case studies on how to fully leverage the Ariba Commerce Cloud and sessions that positioned the network as an enabling platform for businesses to discover, buy, manage cash, and sell more effectively and efficiently.


Key Findings


  • Ariba's procurement and spending management vision remains compelling and unique in terms of the breadth and depth of the offering.
  • Quadrem, its January 2011 acquisition, was provided with its own track, which was well-attended by Ariba customers seeking a better understanding of the product and service capabilities.
  • Ariba's partnership with SFDC (announced last year) evolved with Ariba announcing a version of its contract management solution scheduled for release in 3Q11.
  • Ariba focused less on discrete product road maps and more on how buyers and sellers could better automate and collaborate across a broader spectrum of processes using the Ariba Commerce Cloud.
  • Attendees were enthusiastic and keen to learn more about electronic invoicing, supplier information management, contract management, working capital management and advantages associated with peer connect.



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