In the recent half decade, we've heard more often that the governments over spending and abuse, is mounting up debts, and many governments are on the verge of bankruptcy. Publice Sector needs Spend Management, strategic Sourcing, Contract Management, Supplier Management, Invoice Automation, and more to cut costs and get control of the debt crisis situations. As a leading provider of collaborative business commerce solutions, Ariba can help! Through the Ariba Commerce Cloud Solutions, we can help the Publice Sector control spending, cut costs, and drive more efficient results with a much higher value.


In fact, Ariba has already been working with the Public Sector. Here are some of the federal, state, and local organizations that have utilized Ariba solutions to be more efficient in their spend management programs:


  • US State Department
  • Department of Energy
  • Commonwealth of Virginia
  • Internal Revenue Service
  • State of Florida
  • And more....


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