The ‘Networked Economy’ encapsulates Ariba’s goal to consumerize business commerce bringing the ease of use and efficiency Facebook, Amazon, and Google offer to your personal life to business. Given this new paradigm, businesses can connect digitally to existing and potential trading partners faster and easier. In this world:

  • Sellers can quickly find new business opportunities with a network of prospective customers that have a buying need.
  • Buyers can efficiently discover and qualify new sources of supply and track and coordinate orders across their supply chain - all in real-time.
  • Any company can have transparency into payables and receivables status to make informed working capital decisions.

...But what we can learn from leading consumer networks in our business practices is not a commerce initiative alone.


In a recent blog posting, Gianni Giacomelli, Senior Vice President – Product Innovation at Genpact, observed that the value Facebook has brought to our personal lives also provides a window into what business process management could be. Giacomelli observes, “[With Facebook], now that ‘everyone is in the same place’, you can see and hear from EVERYONE, which multiplies the excitement, because there is always someone with something exciting. Why can't we, the lords of business process management, the masters of the science of processes, do the same? Why can't we make workers feel that they work with each other seamlessly, irrespective of distance?”


Great food for thought in not only our procurement and finance processes, but those across the enterprise. In what other areas have you or your business applied the benefits of personal collaboration, commerce, or research to your business?