This was my first trip to Calgary and I was delighted to see so many people wearing poppies (and a few cowboy hats) to commemorate Rememberance Day in honor of service members who had died.  I recall seeing these in the USA when I was small and I think it would be a nice tradition to welcome back.


In addition to industry experts and customers, IBM represented the supplier perspective on the Driving Results panel.  The Ariba Supplier Network benefits customers, and, as IBM pointed out, it is very important for them to help reduce their costs and hassles through a single interface with almost 100 clients.  In fact it is so popular that 2.5% of all IBM's Global revenue passes through the Ariba network.


Rock-Tenn and ATB Financial on the same panel, gave valuable advice around driving adoption within the organization and categories such as contingent labor that should be addressed to maximize savings. It was also pointed out that without an eprocurement system you cannot realize all of the sourcing savings that you negotiated.


Next time I understand I should go to Calgary in July for the Stampede, "The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth."

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