In part 1 of this week's Knowledge Nugget it was shown that technology alone won't make commerce easier on organizations. This second part of this week's Knowledge Nugget shows what else is needed.


There are several critical success factors for driving adoption and maximizing solution value.


1. Executive Sponsorship & Change Management
      • Enlist broad organizational support in business units and regions
      • Execute detailed communication plan across the organization: Global and regional communications
      • Manage change proactively and engage end users early in process


      Ariba’s Vision for Spend Management


      To drive best-in-class procurement, Ariba works with customers across six dimensions of spend management to drive spend capture and adoption.10-18-2010 1-10-23 PM.png

      Process - Identification of process improvement opportunities based on best practices across the procureto- pay process.

      People – Evaluation of an organization’s performance and potential through the assessment of roles / responsibilities, training, professional development, communication and change management.

      Organizational Design – Evaluation of a spend management organization’s internal design and the identification of opportunities for greater efficiency or effectiveness.

      Spend – Identification and prioritization of savings opportunities through procure-to-pay category enablement.

      Organizational Performance – Identification of the appropriate internal and external (supplier performance) metrics and measures that firmly connect organizational performance to strategies / goals.

      Systems – Review of current spend management platform (applications, infrastructure and support) for opportunities to support more categories / spend under management and to improve internal customer service.


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      2. Category Roadmap
        • Develop category roadmap that includes early organizational wins (Sourcing and Procurement roadmaps)
        • Expand category coverage over time (including complex services and areas not previously supported by the purchasing organization)



        3. Organizational Structure
            • Organize teams around specialty skill-sets/ center of excellence approach
            • Integrate Finance and Business Unit Leadership through strategy development and measurement
            • Develop required capabilities in purchasing organization


            The Journey to Best-in-Class

            10-18-2010 1-27-07 PM.png


            4. Policy & Procedure Enforcement
              • Update policies and procedures as categories are enabled
              • Expect adherence to policies once solution has been rolled-out across the organization; use both carrot and stick approach for success


              Ensure commerce program success with programs that consider business case development, planning, deployment, flightplanning, organization needs, trading partner strategies, and adoption.


              Part 3: How Ariba Value Enablement Services can help your organization.




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